About District

The Upper Subansiri District derives its name from the Subansiri River which meanders through the entire length of the District. The Subansiri District was further bifurcated into Lower Subansiri District and Upper Subansiri District in 1980. Daporijo has been declared as the districts headquarter of Upper Subansiri district with two Sub-divisions and nine CD Blocks. The Geographical Area of the District is 7,032.00 and the Population of the District is 83,448 as per 2011 Census. West Siang district falls at Ease and partly at South and lower Subansiri district at West and Partly at South. The Mc Mohan line borders China at north. The district is mountainous rugged and difficult terrain. The river Subansiri has intersected the terrain. Snow-caved Mountains ranges of height from 7000ft. to 18000 ft. (above sea level) stand like barrier at north. The district is rich in flora and fauna. Three major tribes inhabit the Upper Subansiri District, namely, the Tagin, the Nyishi, and the Galo. There is a close co-relation among the three tribes so far as their socio-economic aspects are concerned. Most of their traditions and customs have been handed down from generation to generation orally.