Places of Interest

Menga Mandir

It is a rock cave temple with two tunnels. The tunnels are located at the backside and towards the left side of cave wall. The first one starts from the back wall of the cave at a place about 1.80 mtrs high from the platform reached by stairs. The opening of the tunnel is big and allows single person to enter. But gradually it becomes so narrow that a person has to crawl for further entry. The interior of the tunnel is extremely dark. There are several niches in the passage where three or four persons can stand together. The second tunnel on the left appears to be an extension of the cave. The ceiling of this tunnel is about 0.90 mtrs from the floors of the cave

How to Reach :

22 km North of Daporijo towards Taliha,near the confluence of river Subansiri and Mengha river

Best Time : OCT-FEB

Adventure Tourism

The rugged mountains with rocky tops are an ideal place for hiking, trekking, rock climbing, etc. The Subansiri River and its cascading tributaries meandering through out the district provide an ample opportunity for white water sports like, Rafting, Angling, Boating etc. in winter season. Location :- 1. Angling: Throughout the Subansiri River. 2. Rafting: From Nacho to entire course of river. 3. Trekking, Hiking & Rock-climbing, etc: Taliha, Nacho and its nearby villages.

Best Time : NOV-FEB


View of a snow clad mountain in Taksing.

Best Time : Winter

Rural Tourism at Ligu

A hub for the tourist seeking to experience rural life with home stay facilities is run at Ligu village operated by the villagers themselves. Showcasing of rich tribal heritage and culture is the most important concept of rural tourism at Ligu.

How to Reach :

It is 3-4 Kms From Daporijo

Best Time : Nov-Feb

Gegu Seria Lake

A very beautiful natural lake is located on the top of the mountain which needs four days trekking from Limeking to reach the lake.

How to Reach :

four days trekking from Limeking

Best Time : Nov-Feb