Culture & Heritage

Tagin people

The Tagin or Ghasi Miri tribe is one of the major tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, which is a member of the larger designation of Tani Tribes, the descendants of Abu Tani. Mostly Tagins are in Upper Subansiri district but are also found to be dispersed among the adjoining districts especially in West Siang and Papum Pare.


The most important festival of the Tagins is the Si-Donyi Festival, involves the veneration of the earth (si) and the sun (donyi).[1] Si-Donyi is celebrated from 4th to 7th January every year. It is celebrated as New Year, Where the Nyibu (local priest) presides over and performs all the rituals with chanting of Uuyu Benam (celestial chantings). And sacrifice of Mithun (Gayal) for peace and prosperity in the community as a whole.

Notable People

Tapi Mra (1st Everest Climber)