Administrative Setup

Administration of Upper Subansiri district of the state of Arunachal Pradesh is managed through one of its sub-divisions. Its headquarters is situated at Nacho. It is located at around 116 kms from the district headquarter that is Daporijo. The sub-division covers four administrative circles along the international boundary. The circle headquarters of Upper Subansiri district are Taksing, Limeking, Nacho and Siyum. The eight administrative circles of the district having their headquarters at Payeng, Taliha, Peeryapu, Daporijo, Puchigeko, Baririjo, Gusar, and Dumporijo are under the direct control of the Deputy Commissioner. The four police stations of Upper Subansiri district are located at Nacho, Taliha, Dumporijo and Daporijo and there is one police out post at Siyum. 

The administration of Upper Subansiri district comprises eight Community Development Blocks, which are located at Nacho, Siyum, Taliha, Giba, Daporijo, Puchigeko, Baririjo and Dumporijo. Moreover, the District Rural Development Agency of the district is located at Daporijo. Works on one mega hydro-electric project at Menga River and one small hydroelectric project at Sippi are ongoing under the National Hydroelectric Project Corporation.